Recover Ewe

Energy, Mineral & Vitamin Recuperation Supplement for Lambing Ewes

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Used routinely as part of your lambing system, Recover-Ewe will correct many of the mineral imbalances that occur around lambing, that otherwise would lead to ketosis, fatty liver and reduced milk yield.

Dairy farmers are fully aware of the catastrophic impact of cows collapsing through milk fever. They also understand the consequences of milk fever on following milk yield, and the fact that many other diseases such as mastitis, calving difficulties and uterine infections are related. This is all known as the ‘Milk Fever Cascade’.

But ewes are no different in that they too are ruminants, giving birth under stressful conditions, then required to feed lambs immediately afterwards. The same milk fever cascade can occur.

Recover-Ewe is intended to correct calcium deficiencies that may have developed during the prelambing period. Vitamin D promotes the absorption of calcium. Ewes are more susceptible to magnesium deficiency within 4-6 weeks of lambing, and during periods of stress. So a high level of magnesium is included too.

Recover-Ewe also contains two sources of energy to restore the rumen to best function, and to supplement the ewe herself.

The product is formulated to help reduce the process of ewes breaking down body fat, as this leads to the accumulation of ketones in the blood; a condition known as ketosis common in twin lamb disease.

Benefits in using Recover Ewe over alternative therapies include

  • Refined energy sources instead of crude molasses based products
  • All-in-one calcium, magnesium and energy supplement deals with all problems simultaneously
  • Avoids potential for injection site abscesses

Recover-Ewe has two uses.

  • Give directly by mouth to ewes that seem susceptible to twin lamb disease, or where they are carrying multiple lambs and you suspect they may be at risk.
  • Administer routinely in a bucket of warm water, to all ewes as a recovery aid and to avoid the ‘milk fever cascade’.

Each 240ml dose contains :

Rumen available energy to promote rumen microorganisms.

Rumen by-pass energy for the benefit of the ewe.



Vitamin D3


Recover Ewe product image

Did you know?

Older ewes cannot mobilise calcium from their bone structure as efficiently as Shearlings. Following administration of Recover Ewe, calcium levels rise within 30 minutes and remain elevated for up to 12 hours.

Supplementing calcium at lambing will prolong the productive life of ewes.

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