Recover Cow

Energy, Mineral & Vitamin Recuperation Supplement for Cows

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A unique all in one solution to negative energy balance and to calcium and magnesium deficit commonly occurring at calving. Providing a saturated solution of calcium and magnesium, together with a dual source of concentrated energy including by-pass energy, Recover Cow is a preferred form of supplement to I/V calcium for a standing cow.

Recover Cow provides a special type of calcium suitable for cows (not all kinds are suitable) will raise blood calcium within 30 minutes and last up to 12 hours.

The ‘Calcium Cascade’ is well recognised by dairy farmers to lead to Milk Fever; Displaced Abomasum & Mastitis , but less so is the fact that failure to deal effectively with calcium deficiency at calving will result in poorer milk yield and in poorer reproductive performance in future calvings.

Give a complete bottle directly by mouth prior to calving and repeat every 6-12 hours.

Add a bottle to 20 litres of warm water after calving and encourage cow to drink.

Contains a saturated solution of calcium and magnesium to correct cow diet deficiencies.

Contains high level of immediately available energy and rumen by-pass energy to provide direct energy to the cow, but also restoring proper rumen function.

Also includes vitamins D3 and Niacin to aid calcium absorption and restore rumen function.

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Did you know?

Most 2nd+ lactation cows have calcium deficiency at calving.

The costs of subclinical hypocalcaemia (low calcium) are greater than the costs of milk fever.

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