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Minflush contains high levels of all the essential trace elements and vitamins included in Minvit, but also high levels of nutrients needed for ewes and rams prior to and during pregnancy. Independent trials conducted at Kirkley Hall College, Ponteland showed that supplementing ewes with Minflush dramatically reduced the numbers of geld (barren) ewes in comparison with a matched control group. The rate of geld sheep in the control group was 7.2%, whereas only 2% were geld when supplemented with Minflush; this in a hill flock of Swaledales. Numbers of triplets/quads were not significantly different.

Can be given to lambs from 20kg

40kg live weight 8ml by mouth

50kg live weight 10ml by mouth

60kg live weight 12ml by mouth

80kg liveweight 16ml by mouth

Highest levels of cobalt contribute to Vitamin B12, a component of haemoglobin (the oxygen carrier in blood).

Important supplement to correct deficiencies that have built up prior to tupping period. Deficiency can lead to a poorly developed uterus (muscle tissue), and can impair proper embryo implantation.

Deficiency can also lead to weakly lambs, difficult births, poorly developed muscle, infections etc.

Deficiency can lead to suppressed or irregular oestrus, early embryonic death and allied fertility problems.

Vitamin E
High levels of Vitamin E – stabilises cell walls and protects important immune response cells. Important if ewes are to build antibody reserves to combat infections.

Vitamin D3 & A
Vitamin D3 – helps absorption of calcium, important lactation. Vitamin A involved in bone development, immunity & vision. Deficiency can result in poor appetite.

Vitamin B1
Levels decline in more mature grass. Deficiency can lead to nervous disorders such as poor leg coordination, poor growth, poor appetite etc.

Essential to allow the corpus luteum (which in time becomes the foetus) to function correctly and ultimately to implant in the uterus. Is involved in many other biochemical functions, including allowing the body to use Vitamin B1.

Involved in the development and function of reproductive organs, and in spermatogenesis, tissue healing, hoof and horn growth. All these functions are critical at tupping time.

Methionine & Lysine
Well known that supplementing these amino acids in early pregnancy can produce improved pregnancy outcomes and improved gene expression.

Two varieties of Minflush – one No Copper, one With Copper.

Deficiency rarely shows up in blood tests, because copper is stored in the liver. Minflush with Copper contains a full supplement of copper, almost triple the level in some competitor products.

Users are advised to establish with a nutritionist or their professional advisor that their animals are deficient in copper, before using this variety of Minflush.

Minflush With Copper should be administered slowly and carefully, ensuring animals have ready access to water.

Minflush - With Copper

Did you know?

Only a 5% improvement in lambing percentage will give a 6:1 return on investment.

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