Nutripharm Technology was formed from a Veterinary Pharmacy business started in Cumbria, UK in 1957 by Mr. Harold Jobson. Demand locally for nutritional supplements for ruminant livestock lead to drenches being formulated and these are now well established and successful in the north of England and southern Scotland.

Our current Veterinary Pharmacist, Phil Jobson MRPharmS, with the assistance of The School of Pharmacy University of Sunderland, has further developed and tested these formulations that now provide livestock farmers brands that are;

  • Independently tested to demonstrate that they still contain viable vitamins after an extended shelf life period.
  • Independently trialled to demonstrate performance improvements in sheep
  • Robust, easy to use products
  • Are nutritionally well designed to optimise livestock performance
  • Provide excellent value for money

Phil Jobson MRPharmS, as well as being a registered pharmacist, is included on the AIC Feed Advisor Register as a nutritionalist.

Nutripharm is a technology based company investing considerably in state of the art research and development aimed at bringing cutting edge nutritional products to livestock farmers across the globe.

Products are formulated based on established nutritional facts and are derived from contemporary academic research. Formulations are adapted and improved to keep pace with that theme, but are aimed at providing high levels of supplements your animals need without the cost of including such nutrients that your animals don’t need.

The Company manufactures all Nutripharm drench products at its premises in Longtown, Cumbria and sources pharmaceutical food or feed grade raw materials that are EU approved for use in livestock. Nutripharm can therefore assure customers of the quality and integrity of Nutripharm brands.